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Great food! My husband and I think it's the best in the Metroplex! The family who owns it are delightful. The food is fresh-all of it- and it makes a difference. The owner, Juan, has studied food in places such as Peru, a major food capital, and he continues to present new and delicious dishes. The prices are very reasonable. If you're into Tex-Mex, you owe it to yourself to try this place out! Betse Lanier
This new jewel of a dining experience in Tex Mex is standing out and can hold its weight with the best of dining experiences. The bold flavors and unique sauces marry well on the Enchiladas. The meat enchilada has a lovely hint of cinnamon flavour that makes the sauce pop, and the delicious mole' like sauce on the cheese and onion enchiladas brighten up the taste of the wonderfully generous cheese filled delight. Jose Chavez put a lot of thought into his menu and it shows! The Margaritas are delish and the service is attentive. This is a really nice spot to dine with friends or a special date without spending a ton of money. The entrees are reasonably priced and your taste buds will thank you! Tell Them Trisha sent you!
Fantastic place. Super friendly people. Great atmosphere. Delicious food. Just opened, so it is not super crowded.
Wonderful food, great service. This is the best new restaurant we have been to in years.
Stopped here since we we're shopping nearby. It was fantastic!! All good was fresh and tasted phenomenal!! Salsa had a very fresh flavor and we couldn't stop eating it. The fish taco was the best my wife has ever had, and she tries them everywhere. Chile Relleno was crispy on the outside and tasty on the inside!! Also, they are in process of expanding their menu and will customize your order however you ask!
What a great new place. The Pupusas were the best, you have to try them. The sauce that comes with them on the side is fantastic, we found ourselves dipping everything in it. I got the tortilla soup and the tex-mex burger and she got the Cuban both were good, but the Pupusas were definitely the star attraction. We finished with the flan which was homemade, great, great dinner at a very reasonable price.
This place is absolutely fantastic! I went yesterday with my girlfriend. We love to try new places and had a fantastic time. First of all, the place has a good environment, the place is nicely decorated and has good background music. Also, the service is very professional, you can tell these people have experience in the field, the server was excellent and owner came by to greet us. Moreover, the Margaritas are excellent and unique. They have a Jalapeño Margarita and a Tamarindo Margarita that were incredible, you have to try them. The food was excellent, I ordered the chicken enchiladas, those were delicious. Finally, they have incredible desserts, the one I ordered, I believe it's called Campirina, I'm not sure how they make, all I know I loved it! I definitely coming back, this place is special!!!
Great little place to grab a quick bite after a visit to the nail salon next door. As soon as we walked in, we were greeted,seated, brought chips, and had our drink orders taken. They even brought us a sample of the queso while we looked over the menu. The food isn't like mind blowing, it's average Tex-Mex food but the service is what would motivate me to come back. Also, the prices are great! I would def come back!